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  • Kent Lavi

    How to crack this??

  • Kent Lavi

    The client give me question “Who crack Flux b6”

    • Horace


  • Zap_Craft

    I cannot download the client; it tells me that I must follow on twitter or subscribe when I have already subscribed

    • Zher0

      Try disabling your ad blocker and trying again.

  • Hristos Avlonitis

    i cant download and i did and the 3 things

  • Tobi Highams

    how do i install this [Flux B6]

  • criticus

    that say “Please restart your computer or kill jawav.exe”i restart my compoter but still same.someone know why?

  • NoobTube Official

    i do the thing it says every think and it says fuck you even
    i did the who cracked it ?? please help

  • Djicecreeper1

    I did everything right and then messages came up on my screen saying “Who cracked Flux b6?” I clicked ok. It said “Fuck you.” This is also probably the worst virus ever

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