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Owner and founder of Minecrafthax (MCHax) i'm a web developer and Java programmer. I've ran and developed many successful Minecraft servers. Thank you for visiting our page and supporting the site!

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  • Notro lol

    for some reason when i inject vape V2.06 my minecraft crashes does anyone know how to fix it

    • EnderRevenger


      • Преско Иванов


        • Monsterjongen Yam


          • Monsterjongen Yam


          • Monsterjongen Yam


  • EnderRevenger

    when i inject vape it says that Java(TM) stopped working, can any1 plz help me

    • Helper

      Im trying it now if it dosent work i dont know.Im very sorry

    • Helper

      Oh and did u install forge if u did not that is the problem if u did then I dont know I will try my best to find out what the problem is

    • Danilo Monteiro

      Install java 8

  • 19p

    Cannot execute “C:UsersAppDataLocalTempRar$EXa0.1891.7Vape Launcher.exe”


  • Mohamed Mohamed
    • Zher0

      Please scan the .jar file and not the .rar file. The link has been updated anyway. It is 100% clean.

  • Abdullah Khan

    wait wheres the download link?

  • Micromiro

    How can i open it on Windos 32bit?

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