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Owner and founder of Minecrafthax (MCHax) i'm a web developer and Java programmer. I've ran and developed many successful Minecraft servers. Thank you for visiting our page and supporting the site!

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  • ???

    How to get it?Is there a download or something

  • jake

    how do i download it?!?!

  • Fire

    Where is download?

    • PoopyButthole

      Its after u do something to unlock it :p

  • 555Faiz555

    where is the download???

  • 555Faiz555

    guys u MUST turn ur adblocker off to download!

  • 555Faiz555

    its not 1.8+ stop lying!

  • lol

    the hack does not exist anymore i had it ages ago huzuni is still available but apex doesnt work

  • Leoga_10


  • david

    how can i download it?

  • martinkr

    Where is the download for 1.8??

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